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Fort Collins Cycling Club

Promoting Recreational Road Cycling for Adults

The mission of  the Fort Collins. Cycling Club is to support and encourage recreational road cycling enthusiasts in the Fort Collins area with year round activities that promote participation, safety, education, and advocacy among all levels of cyclists.

  1. October through April, the club holds monthly meetings to introduce and discuss topics of interest to road cyclists, to promote fellowship, and to stoke the passion to ride.
  2. The club engages with certain cycling advocacy groups to put our support behind appropriate regulatory issues and developing trends that are important to road cyclists.
  3. We actively engage in a very limited number of fundraisers related to cycling, and
  4. We RIDE! 
    During the prime-riding-season -- Daylight Saving Time -- the club usually has scheduled at least three group-rides-per-week, varying in length and degree of challenge;
    and, during the off-season -- Standard Time -- schedules two group-rides-per-week, weather permitting. 
  • The Club's Ride Director publishes ride information and links to a detailed ride-specific maps on the Calendar, well in-advance of each scheduled ride. 
  • Active club members and properly registered guests are covered under FCCC's accident insurance policy, when they participate in a club sponsored ride. 

Save The Date!  Wanda's Ride, is Saturday, August 12th, 2017

Upcoming Club Rides!

06/27/2017 18:00 • Ryan's Sports Grill, Harmony Market Shop Center, 925 E. Harmony Road, parking lot, Fort Collins
06/29/2017 18:00 • Front Range Community College, 4700 S Shields Street, 80526, southwest car parking lot
07/01/2017 08:00 • Front Range Community College, 4700 S Shields Street, 80526, southwest car parking lot
07/02/2017 09:00 • Spring Park, 2100 Matthews Street, west parking lot, Fort Collins

Upcoming Events

06/24/2017 • Boulder, Colorado (start)... Colorado Springs (end).
07/04/2017 07:00 • Namaqua Park, 730 N. Namaqua Road [LCR_19E], Loveland, CO 80537
07/08/2017 • Evergreen (Bergen Park); or, Avon, Colorado
07/20/2017 17:30 • Ronny Bush residence, 4520 Westridge Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80526

See Calendar for full list of rides and events.

If you are not a member, yet;

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