Ride Intensity Levels and Guidance

If you are a beginner-cyclist, or you an experienced cyclist who enjoys challenging climbs on mountainous roads; you may find good to bicycle with Fort Collins Cycling Club
One may find many of them on the Calendar of Events

(Young) riders who are not self-sustaining, or cannot be expected to keep-up with most of cyclists, must be with a responsible adult cyclist; and, complete a Minor Waiver.  
This is not a club for an (unattended) beginner cyclist, except on Easy/Green_Circle rides. 
Bicycle trailer is not allowed, except on Easy/Green_Circle rides. 

Please, study our Ride Guidelines and Safety Information 

Four Ride Categories

Use this guide to get a general overview of the levels of rides. 

Note: anticipated speed is an indication of anticipated intensity; it may not be the actual average speed.

 (For example: Actual average speed may be less than 14-mph, or more than 17-mph, on a ride which is rated BLUE_SQUARE!)

If you want to add a slower or faster level group; you may. Please, request it to be included by the Recreational Rides Director; or, ride posting comment on Facebook.


Distance: Typically 20 miles or less
Average speed: Less than 14-mph on relatively flat terrain with no wind
Terrain: Flat, or nominal hills
Pace-lines: Not expected 
Ride Leader/Sweeper: Should, always be one

: Typically 20 to 40 miles.
Average speed: 14- to 17-mph on relatively flat terrain with no wind
Terrain: Flat, or rolling terrain with infrequent short climbs
Pace-lines: Possible, but not expected

: Typically 40 to 60 miles.
Average speed: 17- to 20-mph on relatively flat terrain with no wind
Terrain: May have moderate or long climbs
Pace-lines: Expected and beneficial

Distance: Typically 60 miles or longer
Average speed: 20-mph or faster on relatively flat terrain with no wind
Terrain: Probably to include steep or long climbs
Pace-lines: Expected and probably necessary

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