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This is a road bicycling club; so, a road bike is recommended for all except easy/short rides.

If you have not signed the insurance waiver and intend to ride with us; (e-)sign it before your first ride with FCCC; whether you are joining, or not. 

If you have already ridden with us once in a year as a non-member; you must become a formal member before riding with us again... Join.

Please, become familiar with the Essential Information, and our insurance coverage for scheduled rides.

You may use map link for route map or cue sheet (to print), or turn-by-turn directions download for a GPS device.
Any ride meeting place is typically in a parking lot, outside of the designated landmark location.
Any ride may be added or deleted. Any route may be modified. Details are to be copied onto Fort Collins Cycling Club on Facebook , usually a couple of days before that event.

Some non-FCCC calendars of cycling events: bicyclecolorado.org/events/event-calendar/; http://bikestate38.com/organized-events/http://www.pedaldancer.com/; and, www.colorado.com/articles/colorado-summer-bike-races.


FCCC - Fort Collins Cycling Club

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