This is a road bicycling club; so, a road bike is recommended for (moderate/challenge/expert) rides.

If you have not signed the insurance waiver and intend to ride with us; (e-)sign it before your first ride with FCCC; whether you are joining, or not. 

If you have already ridden with us once in a year as a non-member; you must become a formal member before riding with us again... Join.

Please, become familiar with the Essential Information, and our insurance coverage for scheduled rides.

The Rides and Guidance page explains intensity levels.  Note: speeds listed are approximate averages for the entire route, YRMV.

You may use map link for route map or cue sheet (to print), or turn-by-turn directions download for a GPS device.
Any ride meeting place is typically in a parking lot, outside of the designated landmark location.
Any ride may be added or deleted. Any route may be modified. Details are to be copied onto Fort Collins Cycling Club on Facebook , usually a couple of days before that event.

While we have some non-FCCC ride events listed; it is not complete.

More-complete calendars of cycling events:;; and,


Year: 2016

1January, 2016
Jan 03 Sun. ♦ Ride: ...Laporte.. CR_70.. Wellington...
Jan 05 Tues. afternoon ride
Jan 19 Tuesday ■ : .. N to Drake_Rd. E to Ziegler_Rd.. S to Carpenter_Rd.. W to Shields_Str..
Jan 23 Saturday ♦ Ride: .. east_Loveland.. Crossroads_Blvd.. Windsor...
Jan 28 Thursday ■ eastern Loveland
Jan 28 January Members Meeting
Feb 09 Tues. ".. N_Timberline_Rd.. CR_52... "
Feb 13 Saturday ♦ : .. Prospect_Av.. Windsor...
Feb 16 Fort Collins, SSE: eastern_Loveland
Feb 18 Challenge Ride: "NW_Loveland"
Feb 20 Saturday ♦ Ride: .. Loveland.. GRG_Res.. Masonville..
Feb 23 Tuesday: out-to-Bellvue-and-back
Feb 24 Challenger Biking: "Mountain_Vista.. County_line.."
Feb 25 February Members Meeting
Mar 01 Tues ■ northwestern Loveland
Mar 02 Rio Swap -- 2016
Mar 03 Challenge Ride: "Boyd Lake Avenue.. US_287..."
Mar 08 Tuesday: ".. N_Timberline_Rd .. CR_52... "
Mar 10 Thursday Ride: "out-to-Bellvue-and-back"
Mar 12 Saturday ♦ Ride: "Hygiene"
Mar 22 Tuesday: "out-to-northwest_Fort_Collins-and-back"
Mar 24 March Members Meeting
Apr 04 Monday: "northeastern Loveland"
Apr 05 Tuesday: "northeastern Fort Collins"
Apr 07 Thursday ♦: ".. Vine_Dr.. Deadman_Lake..."
Apr 12 Tuesday: "eastern Loveland"
Apr 14 Thursday ♦ Ride: "Highland_Meadows_Parkway"
Apr 19 Tuesday: "out-to-NW_Fort_Collins-and-back"
Apr 21 Thursday ♦ Ride: "east_Timnath"
Apr 23 Saturday ♦ Ride: "Boyd_Lake_Av.. Hygiene.."
Apr 26 Tuesday: "northwestern Loveland"
Apr 27 Wednesday Ride: "Five_dams & Dairy_Loop"
Apr 28 April Members Meeting: First Aid for bicycling injuries
May 03 Tuesday: "northeastern Fort Collins"
May 05 Thursday ♦ Ride: "Buckhorn Road"
May 07 Gran Fondo Moab
May 07 Colorado_Highway_60
May 10 Tuesday: "eastern Loveland"
May 12 Thursday Ride: ".. Bellvue loop.."
May 14 Saturday ♦ Ride: ".. Longmont. Hygiene.."
May 17 Tuesday: "out-to-northwestern_FC-and-back"
May 19 Seasonal (monthly) Third-Thursday Ride and Dinner
May 22 McKee_Classic_Bike_Tour (FCCC_Imperial_Century)
May 24 Tuesday: "northwestern Loveland"
May 25 Wednesday "Eden_Valley (out-and-back)"
May 28 Saturday ♦ Ride: ".. Masonville.. Rist Canyon.."
May 31 Tuesday: "northeastern Fort Collins"
Jun 02 Thursday ♦ Ride: "Livermore (out-and-back)"
Jun 04 ♦ Saturday Ride: ".. Lyons.. Estes_Park.. Loveland"
Jun 05 Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival
Jun 07 Tuesday: "eastern Loveland"
Jun 09 ♦ Thursday Ride: ".. sw of Horsetooth_Res.. three Horsetooth dams..."
Jun 11 (Epic) "Silver Tri-Pass"
Jun 11 Saturday: ".. Rist Canyon.. Poudre Canyon.."
Jun 14 Tuesday: "out-to-northwestern_FC-and-back"
Jun 16 Seasonal (June) Third-Thursday Ride and Dinner: pre-registration required
Jun 18 ♦ Saturday Ride: "Big_Thompson_Canyon"
Jun 21 Tuesday: "northwestern Loveland"
Jun 23 ♦ Thursday Ride: "Owl_Canyon_Road"
Jun 25 (Colorado) Bike MS
Jun 25 Saturday ♦ Ride: ".. Centerra_Parkway.. Windsor..."
Jun 28 Tuesday: "northeastern Fort Collins"
Jun 29 Wednesday ♦ Ride: ".. Loveland.. Glade_Rd.."
Jul 02 ♦ Saturday Ride: "Waverly.. Wellington"
Jul 04 PEDAL Club "Firecracker_Fifty" bicycling and picnic
Jul 05 Tuesday: "eastern Loveland"
Jul 07 ♦ Thursday Ride: ".. Glade_Rd. Masonville_Rd.."
Jul 09 Triple Bypass 2016
Jul 09 Saturday: "Buckhorn_Canyon.. Rist_Canyon.. Bingham_Hill.."
Jul 12 Tuesday: "out-to-northwestern_FC-and-back"
Jul 14 ♦ Thursday Ride: "Five_dams & Bellvue_loop"
Jul 16 Saturday with Saint Vrain Chain Gang ♦: "Longmont.. Raymond/Allenspark"
Jul 19 Tuesday: "northwestern Loveland"
Jul 21 (July) Seasonal Ride and Dinner
Jul 23 Courage Classic
Jul 23 Tour de Steamboat
Jul 23 ♦ Saturday Ride: "Loveland.. Glen_Haven.. Estes_Park.. Glen_Haven..."
Jul 26 Tuesday: "northeastern Fort Collins"
Jul 27 Wednesday Morning Ride
Jul 28 ♦ Thursday Ride: ".. Buckhorn_Rd to McRanch (U-turn).."
Jul 30 Saturday: "Rist_Canyon" with Saint Vrain Chain Gang
Aug 02 Tuesday: "eastern Loveland"
Aug 03 Wednesday Morning Ride
Aug 04 ♦ Thursday Ride: "Highland_Meadows_Parkway"
Aug 06 Copper Triangle
Aug 06 Stonewall Century
Aug 06 ♦ Saturday Ride: "Milliken"
Aug 09 Tuesday: "out-to-northwestern_Fort_Collins-and-back"
Aug 10 Wednesday Morning Ride
Aug 11 ♦ Thursday Ride: "east_Loveland..."
Aug 13 Wanda's Ride -- FCCC Charity Event
Aug 16 Tuesday: "northwestern Loveland"
Aug 17 Wednesday Morning Ride
Aug 18 Seasonal (August) Third-Thursday Ride and Dinner
Aug 20 ♦ Saturday Ride: ".. Buckhorn_Canyon. Stove_Prairie. Poudre_Canyon.. Bellvue.."
Aug 23 Tuesday: "Fort Collins, northeastern"
Aug 24 Wednesday Morning Ride
Aug 25 ♦ Thursday Ride: ".. Timnath.. Windsor.."
Aug 27 ♦ Saturday Ride: "Loveland.. Glen_Haven.. Estes_Park.. Glen_Haven..." with SVCG bike club
Aug 28 Golden Gran Fondo
Aug 30 Tuesday: "eastern Loveland"
Aug 31 Wednesday Morning Ride
Sep 01 ♦ Thursday Ride: "Five_dams & Bellvue_loop"
Sep 03 ♦ Saturday Ride: ".. Laporte.. Buckeye_Rd.. Wellington.."
Sep 06 Tuesday Seasonal Series: "out-to-Horsetooth_Reservoir-and-back"
Sep 07 Wednesday Morning Ride
Sep 08 ♦ Thursday Ride: ".. E_Prospect_Rd.. east_Timnath..."
Sep 10 ♦ Saturday Ride: "Rocky_Mountain_National_Park: .. Old_Fall_River_Rd. Trail_Ridge_Rd.."
Sep 13 Tuesday Summer Series: "out-to-Horsetooth_Reservoir-and-back"
Sep 14 Wednesday Morning Ride
Sep 15 Seasonal Third-Thursday Ride and Dinner
Sep 17 ♦ Saturday Ride: ".. Drake.. Glen_Haven.. Masonville.."
Sep 20 Tuesday: "Fort Collins, northeastern"
Sep 21 Wednesday Morning Ride
Sep 22 Thursday ♦: "Horsetooth_dams.. Bingham_Hill_Rd.."
Sep 24 ♦ Saturday Ride: ".. Rist_Canyon. Stove_Prairie. Buckhorn_Canyon..."
Sep 27 Tuesday: "eastern Loveland"
Sep 28 Wednesday Morning Ride
Sep 29 ♦ Thursday Ride: "Bellvue and east side of Horsetooth Reservoir area "
Oct 01 Tour of the Moon
Oct 01 Moab Century Tour
Oct 01 ♦ Saturday Ride: "Pinewood Reservoir"
Oct 04 Tuesday Summer Series: "out-to-Horsetooth_Reservoir-and-back"
Oct 05 Wednesday Ride: "Five Horsetooth dams and Bellvue Loop.."
Oct 11 Tuesday: "eastern Loveland"
Oct 13 Weekday Ride: "Northern Loveland'
Oct 15 Saturday Ride: "Estes_Park via Glen_Haven"
Oct 18 Tuesday: "Fort Collins, northeastern"
Oct 20 Weekday Ride: ".. Boyd_Lake_Av.. US_34.. Monroe_Av, Loveland... "
Oct 22 Saturday: Fall Fling
Oct 25 Tuesday: "eastern Loveland"
Oct 26 Weekday Ride: "Masonville (out-and-back)"
Oct 27 October Members Meeting
Oct 29 ♦ Saturday Ride: ".. Masonville.. Carter_Res.."
Nov 01 Tuesday: "out-to-Horsetooth_Reservoir-and-back"
Nov 03 Thursday Biking: "northeastern Loveland"
Nov 05 ♦ Saturday Ride: ".. Rist_Canyon. Stove_Prairie. Buckhorn_Canyon..."
Nov 08 Fort Collins, northwest: Boltz Middle School.. CSU.. Poudre_Trail.. Bingham_Hill. Overland_Trail..."
Nov 12 Saturday ♦ Ride: ".. Carter_Lake.. Cedar_Cove (US_34).. Green_Ridge_Glade.. Masonville.. LCR_38E..."
Nov 15 Fort Collins, south, cw: Boltz Middle School.. Drake_Rd. Ziegler_Rd. Trilby_Rd. Shields_Str. C_From_Prr.. Swallow_Rd...
Nov 17 November Members Meeting
Nov 19 S_day: .. Owl_Canyon_Rd.. Wellington. CO_1. Douglas_Rd[LCR-54].. Laporte...
Nov 20 Sunday ♦ Ride: .. "The_Purple_Door," Hygiene...
Nov 23 Loveland, west: Mehaffey_Park.. Glade_Rd.. Eden_Valley.. CR_22H.. 1st_Str...
Nov 25 Friday-after-Thanksgiving: Big_Thompson_Canyon
Nov 26 S_day: .. Owl_Canyon_Rd.. Wellington. CO_1. Douglas_Rd[LCR-54].. Laporte...
Nov 28 Fort Collins, Boltz Middle School, north: .. Power_Trail.. Poudre_Trail.. Overland_Tr.. Swallow_Rd...
Dec 03 FCCC Christmas Party
Dec 04 Sunday: .. west_Loveland.. CR_12.. Green_Ridge_Glade_Reservoir.. Masonville...
Dec 10 Saturday: Fort Collins, north-to-southeast (cw): Harmony_Libr.. Laporte.. Windsor...
Dec 21 Fort Collins, town: Solstice Bike-to-Lights, including "Garden of Lights" displays
Dec 24 Fort Collins, south, clockwise: FRCC.. east_Lovelan.. Campion.. west_Loveland...
Dec 30 Fort Collins, west: .. Horsetooth_Reservoir.. "Zwei Brewing Company"

FCCC - Fort Collins Cycling Club

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